The Lawrence Mills , the home of the 1912 bread and roses strike which altered the hostile work conditions of the industrial age. Four plus generations of my family worked these mills and my grandmother lost both of her parents there. She started work at age 8 and continued alongside her eleven siblings until late in life. I created the video in preparation for a future projection mapping production of these photos ,sounds and images on the actual walls of the mills.   These photos were hung in  the Lawrence History Center Gallery Show held in Lawrence Heritage State Park Visitor's Center for one month in 2016.


Artifact thought 


This second video was created for a seminar held at the University of Maine Augusta, addressing food insecurity in Maine. My goal is to create a mobile outdoor screening area for public shows using my Mobile classroom (Bus) and various sculptures as the conduits for 3D Video Mapping Projection . My goal being to create a form of outdoor mobile installation art. to inspire public response to social injustice. 

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