Espíritu de Niño de la Luna (Spirit Boy of the Moonlight)


Poem in Clay

Poem in Text


To Angel Flores of Sweetwater, Texas .  A father threw his 4-year-old boy from his car, in the dessert along a West Texas highway. The injured boy spent several hours alone in the dark. A passing motorist picked him up, he was marred by over 500 cactus thorns. His father, when caught later, said God told him to leave the boy.

Pequeña piel del Niño ,

Small child hide 

By Renee Choiniere © May 2011


Fly this way

Let me catch you

Niño pequeño

Little boy


Se esconden en el miedo

Small one, hide in fear

Beneath the cactus

and a midnight sky

You are safer with the wolves


The desert sand burries you

Cubrir, mi alma los ojos azules

Cover, my blue eyed soul

The thorns pain stiffens you

Lifes visions

Haunt you

Ha mentido



He has lied


Que no era

un padre

That was not a parent,a father

He was not given , he stole

No father knows he

You are free


Cast to the feral city streets

Arms . limbs , hearts

Hands , lips, tears

Confuse you with their touch





Here in sleep

A new mother sings for you

Only for you

La nación de pecadores nos lleva a perdonar

A nation of sinners begs your forgivness

They lost  you in  their cinematic ignorance

Where you are not real


They see you now


Desde arriba prometo vienen

Down from above come new promises

Desde arriba vienen las nuevas verdades

Down from above come new truths



  He lied ,

del Niño ,  He lied

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